Recommended Products

UV Bulb (for dry climate species) Exo Terra PT2172 Repti Glo Tubes

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Tortoises require year round exposure to UV light, and in generous quantities. You should fit the largest UV tube to your enclosure that you can fit.

I’ve opted for this range from Exo Terra, as they offer a 30″ tube which fits my tortoise table, and just as crucially, emits the correct mixture of both UVA and UVB light, which is essential for the tortoise’s metabolism to function correctly

UV Bulb Controller Module – Arcadia ACACR30

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A fluorescent tube requires a control unit, and I’ve had great success with this model from Arcadia.

The only drawback is that the plastic pipe clips that come with it are prone to deforming/melting under the heat of the fluorescent tube. For this reason I suggest swapping them out for the more substantial metal Terry clip.

Remember also this unit is only suitable for dry enclosures. If you have a tropical/rainforest tortoise complete with a humid enclosure you’ll need the ACU30 module instead.

Heat Bulb – Prorep 60W Basking Lamp

Heat bulbs are essential for all species, and it’s important to choose something powerful enough to kick out a fair bit of heat should your tortoise desire it.

For this reason I use this 60 Watt bulb by Prorep. I’ve tried several more expensive bulbs over the years, and they all perform to much the standard, so this has become my go to choice. Keep in mind that heat bulbs only tend to last about 6 months of continuous use, so this is a recurring cost.

Camera For Monitoring – Yi Dome Camera 1080P

Remotely monitoring your tortoise can be a useful tool for peace of mind, and the company I’ve had the most success with is Yi, because they produce competitively priced, reliable cameras.

I personally own a fixed camera, but for a few extra pounds it’s well worth investing in this dome camera because it offers full tilt and pan functionality.

Bedding/Substrate – Prorep Straw Bedding

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Though it isn’t recommended for hatchling tortoises (it’s a bit too lumpy for their small legs to navigate), straw bedding is one of the cleanest and easiest substrates to work with.

I choose to use Prorep straw bedding because it’s a reputable brand, so I can trust that the product is of a high quality.

This is particularly important because some lower quality substrates are sometimes known to contain sharp particles that can injure tortoises.

Thermometer For Monitoring Enclosure Temperature –Exo Terra PT2465 Thermometer

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Thermometers can be as simple or sophisticated as you want them to be. Personally I air on the side of simplicity when it comes to this particular item.

As long as I can visually check that my tortoise is neither too hot nor cold, then that’s good enough.

A thermometer should only be used as a reference along side your best judgement, and for just a few pounds this suits fulfills that need nicely.

Calcium Supplement – Calci Dust

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Tortoises need calcium for healthy bone and shell development, and while this calcium is available in many forms and compounds, pure calcium carbonate is regarded as the healthiest form.

This product from Prorep is just that, and by sprinkling it over your tortoise’s food two or three times per week will ensure your tortoise gets the supplemental calcium he or she needs.